Hilman Industries can supply custom cables using telephone-type cable and connectors. We can construct odd-length cables, odd wiring configurations, or variations on standard products. Whether it's reverse- or straight- wired, 4-Position, 4-Conductor (4P4C) RJ-11 cables, 6P6C RJ-12 cables, or 8P8C RJ-45 cables, we can supply what you need. Also, we can supply your cables in standard silver or black.

In addition to standard oval cable, we can also provide round cables with RJ-type connections, or use RJ-type connectors on most any cable up to 8 conductors. Examples include RJ to RJ, DIN and Mini-Din to RJ, DB-type connectors to RJ, or whatever else you require.

Please Note: This information on this page is intended to reflect our process capabilites or as general information to help aid in materials selections for wire harnesses or cable assemblies.  At this time, Hilman Industries does not manufacture wire or cable from raw materials.

RJ45 to RJ45 Custom Wired Cable
Standard RJ11 to RJ11Telephone Cable